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Our Services

Whether you are starting a business or planning to buy or sell a business, Paul Crane Lawyer can help. Paul knows Australian business laws through and through and has sound experience across many different industries. We offer practical legal solutions to individuals and small businesses.

Paul Crane Lawyer offers the following legal services for business:

• Business structures: If you are establishing a new business enterprise we can help you by advising as to the best business structure for your needs, whether by partnership, joint venture, company, trust or franchise. If you’re looking to restructure your business we can help with partnership dissolutions and corporate restructures.
• Business contracts: Paul Crane Lawyer can prepare or review all types of business contracts including purchase or sale of business, Put and Call Options, franchise agreements, supply agreements, service agreements, distribution agreements, partnership agreements and commercial contracts. We will ensure that the contract terms and conditions are suitable for your business now and into the future.
• Commercial disputes and commercial litigation: We offer dispute resolution services and business litigation covering a wide range of problems including breach of contract, building and property disputes, debt recovery, partnership disputes and corporations law.
• Corporations law: We can assist with shareholders agreements, advice on corporate governance and company administration documentation.
• Franchises: If you’re looking to buy into a franchise we can help you go through the franchise agreement and franchisor disclosure documents to make sure that you are aware of all of the issues that could make or break your new business.
• Property and leasing: We can assist with retail leasing and commercial leasing for both landlords and tenants. We can also assist with the sale or purchase of commercial property.
• Workplace and employment: We can draw up or review employment contracts and workplace agreements as well as assist with disputes and unfair dismissals.
• Bankruptcy and insolvency: We can assist with the process of recovering money owed to you from an initial Letter of Demand through to Statement of Claim and court attendances.
• Taxation and finance: we can provide advice in regard to GST, Capital Gains and Land Tax.
• Business succession and asset protection: You need a plan in place to make sure that your business and personal assets are protected. We can work with your business and family to devise a plan that keeps your hard won assets safe through unit, discretionary and family trusts, Wills and/or Powers of Attorney.

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