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Our Services

Lewis + Crane Conveyancing in Coffs Harbour

With Lewis + Crane Conveyancing in Coffs Harbour, you can be sure of an efficient and stress-free property buying or selling experience. After all, we have vast experience assisting folks throughout the Coffs Harbour area to buy and sell properties. Karen leads the Conveyancing department, is a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (NSW Division), and is PEXA certified. Essentially, Lewis + Crane Conveyancing in Coffs Harbour is a specialist conveyancing service backed by an experienced legal firm. As a result, we have many repeat customers who’ve come to rely upon our personal, efficient and friendly service.

Conveyancer in Coffs Harbour – Buying

When buying a property, we will advise on and complete the following:

  • Arrange Pest and Building inspections.
  • We liaise with your financier and provide a copy of the Contract, Transfer, and other property enquiries your financier may request.
  • Assist with First Home Owner Grant applications and First Home Plus applications (stamp duty exemption).
  • Request Council to provide copies of building plans and approvals.
  • We will advise you on the terms and conditions of your contract and advise you of stamp duty
  • Auction Contracts and purchases off-the-plan.
  • Order property enquiries on your property.
  • Advice on insurance cover over your property.

In short, as a leading conveyancer in Coffs Harbour, we will take care of all the details to make your whole purchasing process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Conveyancer in Coffs Harbour – Selling

When selling a property, we will advise on and complete the following:

  • Order all necessary documentation to be included in your Contract from Council and Lands Department.
  • Advise you generally of terms and conditions to be incorporated into your Contact.
  • Prepare the Contract.
  • Send a full copy of the contract to your real estate agent. They can then commence marketing your property.
  • Organise a Discharge of Mortgage over the property with your Bank.
  • Obtain a confirmed pay-out figure on the day of settlement.
  • Bank the net proceeds of your sale into your nominated account.

At Lewis + Crane Conveyancing, we aim to take care of all the details so you can concentrate on the excitement of moving.

For Fast, Friendly and Efficient Conveyancing in Coffs Harbour, call Karen on 02 6653 7620 now or click here for prompt action.


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